Third Times A Charm?

I know I know....I didn't get much restarting done back in November. Real life kinda of took a hold again, and then for Christmas I got to go on the most awesome gift ever.  I got to go on a 12 day cruise to Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Barbados.  It was so amazing.  I'm eternally grateful to my Mother for taking me.  I had never even ever dreamed of going to those places because I didn't think I would ever have the chance.

This was our second Christmas without Dad and it really wasn't any easier.  But I think that my Mom finally came to a very big conclusion.  When we were on one of the planes, I thought she was asleep or at least dozing, but she said "I need to stop this running away"  Now I need to tell you that my mom talks in her sleep.  We've had some damn funny conversations when she's asleep.  I thought she mush be dozing but to my surprise she wasn't.  She was wide awake.  I felt some relief at this because since we lost my dad she hasn't let herself stop to grieve.  Now I know everyone grieves differently, but I don't think she's grieved at all.  So, instead of dealing with it, she's been traveling.  This trip will be our last.  Or at least for a time.  I honestly don't know if I could do a big trip like this one again myself.  With my illnesses it was a struggle for me because between my our body hurting me and taking care of my mother who was sea sick for most of the trip as well as having hurt her back getting into one of the buses and ending up in a wheelchair that I would have to push her around in for a few days, I just can't do it anymore.  I'm exhausted still and I've been home for a week. Now comes the cleaning out of her house and getting her into a nice little apartment where I will feel more safe for her.

So enough of that!  On to 2017 now and this is going to be a much brighter and better year!  I'm going to work really hard on my photography and this blog.  I will still be working with my friend Victor Newchurch who I will link down below.  I will be putting up an ad in the next couple of days advertising for bloggers for his store :: Newchurch ::  I also want to get good enough to start applying to other stores to blog for them myself!

2017!  This is going to be the best year yet.  I can feel it in my bones! I just hope that's not my arthritis acting up tho....LOL <3

PS: The picture of the ship is the one we were on.  The Celebrity Eclipse.

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